Who Will Build the 3rd Temple?

By Mr. Chaim Clorfene Posted in Essays

How will the 3rd temple be built? This is an issue that few people are willing to address because of obvious political implications. But, like it or not, the Third Temple is going to be built one day. So we may as well look at the question now.

Why Belief in Moshiach is Integral to Judaism

By Rabbi Yanki Tauber Posted in Essays

Why is the belief in Moshiach included among the foundations of the Jewish faith? Obviously, the concept of Moshiach is an important part of Judaism. The Torah speaks of it (in Deuteronomy 30 and Numbers 24, among others), the prophets are full of it. But

A Taste of Future - A Comprehensive review of Signs of Moshiach That We Are Witnessing Today

By Rabbi Eli Touger Posted in Essays

A Taste of Future - A Comprehensive review of Signs of Moshiach That We Are Witnessing Today
{mosimage}Several years ago, the Lubavitcher Rebbe announced: "Our Sages have described the Redemption as a feast. To echo this analogy: the table has already been set, everything has already been served, and we are sitting together with Moshiach (th

Ahavat Yisrael and Moshiach

By Rabbi Nissan Dovid Dubov Posted in Essays

Although the Rambam writes that one should always take the moderate path, "love for no reason" should be taken to an extreme. Even after one has made great efforts to find merit in another and has failed, one should still have ahavas Yisrael beyond any ca

Four Things that G-d Regrets

By Yanki Tauber Posted in Essays

There are four things whose creation G-d regrets every day, the first is galut-exile. (Talmud) So if G-d regrets the creation of galut every day, why are we still in exile? How could galut exist, even as a concept, without G-d's continued desire that it b

Moshiach's Donkey: Taking a Deeper Look

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The Hebrew word for donkey is chamor from the word chomer, material. Moshiach's donkey is the material beast harnessed, the physical directed to higher and loftier ends. But humanity's mission of elevating the material entails a long and involved process,

The Business End of Exile

By Rabbi Yanki Tauber Posted in Essays

The Talmud states that "The people of Israel were exiled amongst the nations only so that converts may be added to them." On the most basic level, this is a reference to the many non-Jews who, in the course of the centuries of our dispersion, ha

The Menorah & the Arch of Titus

By Rabbi Yisroel Greenwald Posted in Essays

Though frequently replicated, and the subject of much artistic interpretation, the exact shape of the Temple Menorah is not simple to determine. Although the Talmud delineates the height and general appearance of the Menorah, numerous details are omitted,

The Zohar's Prediction about the Recent Explosion of Knowledge

By Yanki Tauber Posted in Essays

In the sixth century of the sixth millennium, the gates of supernal wisdom will be opened, as will the springs of earthly wisdom, preparing the world to be elevated in the seventh millennium. Indeed, the 56th century from creation (1740-1840 in the secula

The Zoological Conditions in the Era of Moshiach

By Yanki Tauber Posted in Essays

Rabbi Judah understands the divine promise to "terminate evil beasts from the land" to mean that in the harmonious world of Moshiach all destructive creatures and forces will be "removed from the world." In Rabbi Shimon's opinion, only the destructive nat

Why Will The Pig Become Kosher?

By Mrs. C. Schochet Posted in Essays

Why is the word "pig" an almost universal symbol of insult? This much-maligned animal has been slapped with the most perverse of labels, from Nazi to sexist. We ascribe to it the worst of human failings, including greed, gluttony, and sloppiness. It is al