Dreams of Deliverance: To Want (Moshiach) Differently

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Dreams of Deliverance: To Want (Moshiach) Differently

For forty years he bore the burden, resuscitating a ravaged people after its near annihilation. And now, as he surveyed the state of our nation, he shared his pain.

Awaiting Moshiach in the "Instant" Age

By Mrs. Yehudis Cohen Posted in Inspiration

You are waiting for something important a letter, a package, information to include in a report. You are certain it should have already come. The deadline is fast approaching ...

Coming In for a Landing

By Rabbi Yeruchom Eilfort Posted in Inspiration

On a recent excursion into Los Angeles I was mesmerized by a stunning sight in the nighttime sky. (Fortunately, I was not the driver!) There were about a dozen airplanes on fi...

Convergence: The World is Starting to Ripen

By Rabbi Tzvi Freeman Posted in Inspiration

The past hundred years, even more so the past fifty, and most of all the past ten, have created a burning need for people who can provide points of convergence. The Rebbe is the most stunning point of convergence the twentieth century provided. A person i

Countdown to Moshiach: A Story

By Rabbi Yanky Touber Posted in Inspiration

In one of his travels, chassidic master Rabbi Dov Ber of Radoshitz occasioned to stay the night at a wayside inn. In the morning, he sought out the innkeeper. "The clock," ...

Dealing with Loss

By Rabbi Tzvi Freeman Posted in Inspiration

Question: Recently, I lost a beloved son. I have struggled with grief and anger and somewhat made peace. I am writing to you because I heard a quotation, and I sense that thi...

G-d will be Proud of Us

By Rabbi Manis Friedman Posted in Inspiration

If you ask someone coming out of church on a Sunday, "Do you believe in G-d?" the worshipper is shocked. "What type of question is that? Of course I do!" If you then ask him, "Do you consider yourself religious?" what will the answer be? "Certainly. That'

Hide and Seek

By Ms. Chana Weisberg Posted in Inspiration

One bright, sunny afternoon, I sat watching my two children playing a lively game of hide and seek. My younger daughter Shira was the first to be the seeker, and as she count...

How can we yearn for something we know so little about?

By Rabbi Yanki Tauber Posted in Inspiration

The are two states of existence, two ways to be. You can be striving, or at rest. Fighting, or at peace. Estranged, or betrothed. Yearning, or satisfied. On the road, or at home.

Looking at the World Today with Well-Trained Eyes

By Mrs. Malka Touger Posted in Inspiration

Two people were marveling at the height and design of the Twin Towers. But one's look seemed deeper than the other, as if peering through the very buildings themselves. His f...

The Beautiful Bride

By Rabbi Yanky Touber Posted in Inspiration

A distraught young woman came to Rabbi Israel, the Maggid of Kozhnitz. "Rebbe, help me," she said. "My husband has deserted me!" "Why did he leave you?" asked Rabbi...

The Last Test Before Moshiach

By Rabbi Yanky Touber Posted in Inspiration

History shall repeat itself, said Rabbi DovBer of Mezeritch, but with one significant difference. Some twenty-seven hundred and thirty years ago, one of the most dramatic eve...

The Palace and the Pigeons

By Rabbi Tzvi Freeman Posted in Inspiration

I wrote this to a young Jew who told me he was on his way to India: Once there was a king whose palace had been ransacked by the wild hordes. For the wood and stone of the p...

Story: A Surgical Procedure

By Rabbi Yerachmiel Tilles Posted in Inspiration

"Uh, I believe that there will come a certain time when there will be a redemption, but I don't believe that it will come about through a Messiah, a single person, who will rule over the whole world and everyone will be in awe and fear of him. Such a thin

The difference between destructive and constructive sadness

By Yanki Tauber Posted in Inspiration

"There is nothing as whole as a broken heart", "Depression is not a sin; but what depression does, no sin can do" (Chassidic Sayings). Is sad bad?
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